OneShot: Jay & Selma

Warning: this oneshot can give you Jay feels, just saying.

There was me, in some place at night with a guy that i know for a while. He was so pretty, was like my best friend. His name? Phillip. Black hair and blue eyes, he is four years older than me, but like i said, he’s my best friend. I cant deny that we had sex sometimes, just to, you know, pleasure. But i met someone last week in a pub, that i cant take it out of my mind. Called James. James McGuiness. He is so gorgeous and that fucking curly hair and blue eyes that can make every girl go crazy. We had sex. Strange, dont you think? I meet a guy and in the same night go to the bed with him, but i cant deny that it was the best sex i’ve ever had in my life.

Phillip is kissing me gently, but i couldnt stop thinking about Jay.

- Phillip its better we stop here - i said putting my hand on his chest, trying to push him, but he is stronger than me.

- Oh come on Selmic, we were almost there… We have done this before!

- I-I just dont want this right now.

- It is because of that guy? - he asked angrily.

- Yes - i answer honestly and he sighed - Now just let me go.

I start to run away from him and i accidentally bumped into someone. Yeah, James.

- I’m sorry - he started - I wasnt looking, an… Selma! I missed you - he hugged me, i started to laugh a little bit embarassed because i was kissing Phillip some minutes ago and thinking about him. I didnt have time to answer, i listen someone shouting my name and i turned around.

- You were kissing me and now is with him? - he asked completely angry.

- Phillip, it’s not what you are thinking! - i said and i felt my eyes wet. I cant cry, not right now.

- Selma is that true? You were kissing him? - Jay’s voice raised, now i was afraid. He never talked to me like that. - Let’s Go!

Phillip tried to catch my arm but it was too late. I was already running with Jay for somewhere i dont know.

- Where we are going? - i was crying, when i notice that we entered in a house - What are you doing? JAMES!

- Shut que fuck up or you will wake up the lads - he said very low, his voice has turned normal. - Explain it.

- You dont need explanations! - i raised my voice and he scolded me with his eyes. Probably because i said too loud.

- Selma please, just tell me what you were doing with him! - he was getting closer, we were in the kitchen and i couldnt do anything, because he closed the door and locked. I felt my back hitting the desk - I already told you that you didnt get out of my mind since that day.

His hands were in my waist now, he was angry and horny. I already could feel his member. Which let me excited.

Before i could say anything i felt his hands on me.

- Jay stop - i said with difficulty - Please.

He didnt said anything. I closed my eyes and he started to took my clothes. Soon i was almost naked in the kitchen of his house, while his band mates were sleeping.

- James - i called him again and felt his thumb on my clit, making circular movements.

- Tell me that i’m better than him - One of his fingers started to enter on me. I moaned. The movements started to get faster - Tell me.

- He’s better than you - i said and did a cheeky smile. The movements were faster and harder. - He is…

- I’m pretty sure he is not - with a fast movement, Jay took his fingers out of my pussy and fell on his knees. When his tounge touched my clit i shouted. - Tell me! - while he was sucking my pussy, his fingers were passing trough my boobs. I was getting closer to have my first orgasm.

- Jay… - i whispered and he smiled. The pleasure was taking over my whole body. I was getting so closer to have my orgams, when he stopped. I looked shocked at him, and he was just smiling.

- What would you do if i fucked you so hard tonight that you couldnt walk tomorrow? - he asked and i smiled. - Tell me - he whispered in my ear. I touched his penis but he took my hand off. - Don’t.

He was naked, i was wanting this more than anything. I missed his touch, his kiss, everything about him i missed.

Slowly, he was penetrating on me. I moaned very loud and i see that he didnt care, now, if i was going to wake up the lads, he want this as much as me. But the speed was making me crazy, it was so fucking slow.

- F-faster - i said and he laughed.

- Only if you tell me. I know i’m better than him, in every single way. - he whispered. I knew this was torturing him too, but he really want me to say that. - Oh Selmic, you know that i’m better. I know that when you are kissing him, you are thinking on me. You are thinking how much you want to feel me again, inside you. I know when you are having sex with him, you wish it was me. - He kept with that fucking speed. I’m not holding. I was about to say everything for him, right here and right now.

- Just fuck me James. Fuck me so hard. I dont wanna walk tomorrow. I just want to feel you right now - i sighed - in this kitchen. I dont give a fuck if your friends are gonna listen my moans, but i want them to listen. Because i want that everyone knows what i am feeling right now. - he kept with that speed, but i could feel that he was getting more tense. That these words are leaving him more excited. Let’s keep with those then. I started to whispered in his ear: - I just want you to fuck me like you never did before. Please James, you are better than him, than anyone. You are the only one that ca… - I couldnt finish the sentence because he was faster, and believe in me when i say faster. I need to say that Jay’s penis is huge and feeling that thing inside you, without any warning that he was going to go faster and harder, it’s one of the best feelings.

- F-f-faster - i asked and he agreed. I was about to explode because of the pleasure. I had my first orgasm and he still going back and forth. - James… - i whispered his name and moaned.

He had his orgasm and stopped for a while.

- I told you that i was better than him - He said and entered again on me.

- Jay? - someone called. It was Nathan.

- Holy shit - i said very, very low.

- Forget it - Nathan said and walked away. He didnt saw us. Better like that.

- Let me fuck you more - he said and we started all again. In that fucking kitchen.

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